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CREWSOLUTION Loss of License Insurance

As a pilot you obviously have a high risk of being Temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury. Since it is our goal to provide all-round service for aircrew, we therefore offer appropriate insurance for pilots. We work with selected international partners where you can choose from different insurance modules and coverage.

Loss of License insurance

Protect yourself and your family with an affordable Loss of License insurance! You can choose from the following modules:

Our PDF application form offers a simple application process. You will receive prompt quotations and a signed confirmation from our trusted Insurance partner.

Key Features of Loss of License cover includes:

Standard Schedule of Benefits - Loss of License

Benefit Plan Benefit Maximum
PTD Permanent Total Disablement caused by Bodily Injury or Sickness

Caused by Classified Illness

Caused by Psychological or Psychiatric Disorders
100% of the sum insured

50% of the sum insured

25% of Sum Insured
TTD Temporary Total Disablement caused by Bodily Injury, Sickness, Psychological, Psychiatric Disorders, or Classified illness. 2% of the sum insured for a maximum of 12 or 24 months as per your order.



Insurance FAQs

Product Definitions?

Permanent Total Disablement means the insured person is completely unable to perform the essential duties of their own previous occupation as a license holder due to revocation of the Medical Certificate by a medical practitioner and this condition lasts more than 180 days. After that period and no hope of improvement, the client fulfils the requirements for a Permanent Total Disablement Benefit payment.

Temporary Total Disablement is defined as the Insured Person being entirely and temporarily prevented from acting in the capacity for which he holds a License due to bodily injury or illness confirmed by a medical practitioner revoking the medical certificate.

Actively at work: At the inception date of the insurance, the insured person must be actively at work and mentally and physically capable of conducting the regular duties of their employment.

As Date of Loss is understood that date on which an authorized medical practitioner or the relevant license issuing authority has issued to the Insured the valid permanent revocation or temporary unfitness assessment of the medical license(s) / certificate(s) held by the Insured Person.

What payments will I receive in case of loss of license?

You can choose between a lump sum only or monthly payments in addition.

In what amount will I receive my payments?

Loss of License benefits are based on your annual salary and the Sum Insured you have selected. The amount is limited to a maximum of 350,000 EUR (or equivalent in CHF, USD or GBP) and may not exceed 3 x annual gross salary).

The monthly benefits are 2% of the Sum Insured you have chosen. Insurers will pay for a maximum of 12 months (or 24 months).The temporary benefit is limited to 75% of your pre-disability income.

In the insurers opinion, there is no hope of improvement, you are entitled for the PTD lump sum payment of which the monthly benefits will be deducted accordingly.

Depending on your illness, the amount of compensation may vary. For example, if you are permanently disabled, you will receive 100% of the insured sum. If you suffer from a classified psychological or psychiatric disorder you may only receive 25% of the Sum Insured. In this case, it is often possible to return to your occupation after some time

When will I receive my payments?

The waiting period for monthly benefits is 90 days. The permanent Loss of License lump sum is payable after 180 days.

Which illnesses are covered?

Bodily Injury

An identifiable physical injury which is caused by an Accident and solely and independently of any other cause, except Illness directly resulting from, or medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary by such injury, which occasions the Long Term Disability or Temporary Total Disability of the Insured Person.


Any sickness or disease (not falling within the definition of Bodily injury) which occasions the Long Term Disability or Temporary Total Disability of the insured person.

Classified Illness

An illness which is directly or indirectly caused by alcohol, drugs or both.

Psychological or Psychiatric Disorder(s)

Any disorder(s) diagnosed by a medically or other appropriately qualified practitioner and which is included in the internationally-recognized classification system DSM-IV (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, 1994 ). Such a diagnosis shall imply severe and lasting impairment in personal performance as indicated by at least one of the following:

  1. Limitation in activities of daily living.
  2. Social functioning.
  3. Impairment in concentration, memory or other cognitive functioning leading to chronic task under-performance in terms of aptitude, learning new material, reliable accuracy, endurance or pace of work.
  4. Deterioration or decomposition in work settings.
  5. Episodic disorders of mood.
  6. Disorders of form and control of thought.

Am I eligible for the Loss of License insurance?

The insurance is open to pilots that at inception hold a valid and current Medical Certificate for a Commercial Pilots License or other License used in the Aviation Sector requiring a Medical Certificate.

What does the Loss of License insurance cost?

The pricing structure for Loss of License cover follows traditional patterns and increase incrementally each year. As the pricing is based on age and insurance coverage amount, there is no general answer to this question. For your individual quotation, please use our quick and easy PDF form. If you are a company or larger group, please ask for our group benefits!

Who is my contract partner?

Your acceptance, confirmation and coverage will be issued directly by our selected trusted insurance partner in accordance with their authorities given by insurers.

Insurance nationality coverage?
All European and Swiss clients can apply for our Loss of License insurance

Contact us if you need a Loss of License insurance for the first time, if you want to replace an expensive contract, extend existing benefits or for any additional information.

Insurance coverage exclusions?

None, all clients worldwide can apply for our Loss of License insurance.

Contact us if you need a Loss of License insurance for the first time, if you want to replace an expensive contract, extend existing benefits or for any additional information.

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